Our Materials

We have a variety of plastics and resins we use for our keycaps. Each has its own strength and weakness. We decide on a per-design basis what material will work best to provide the best result.

  • Pre-Printing

  • Concept

    Most products are seasonal based products. Our favorites to make though are the crazy design that really let us push our limits.

  • Design and Model

    After an initial white board or paper sketch of a design, we bring up our modelling software. Our software varies from CAD, VR sculpting and mesh programs.

  • Prepare for Printing

    Once the original model is created, it is adapted to work as a keycap and then fine-tuned for 3D printing.

  • Printing and Prototyping

  • Printer Checks

    To prevent any excess time to be wasted, all printers and materials are cleaned, checked for issues and prepped.

  • Multi-Design Prints

    Most products have multiple design variants at this stage. Each design is done with every type of material being considered for production.

  • Rework Model

    Never once has a model been perfect after the first try, it happens. Model gets touched up and settings tweeked in order to refine the printing result.

  • Final Prototype Prints

    After all settings have been dialed in, a final print is done.

  • Post Printing and Finishing

  • Post Print Cleanup and Stem Check

    After the print is complete there is always a small amount of cleanup. Next is a quick test to ensure the cap fits on multiple keyboards.

  • Smoothing

    Depending on the base material used, the smoothing process vaires from chemical fume smoothing to spray painting filler.

  • Painting

    Once the caps are dry from the smoothing process we prime then hand paint.

  • Final Coats

    After the hand painting stage is done and the caps are dry, some final coats are applied to protect them from wear and also to bring out the desired final effect.